Blogpost #2 (Week 2) All About That Daily Show (No Trevor)

Second blogpost and I’m like meg excited guys. Wow. Totally like blown away by how fun this whole thing is. I love schoolwork, oh yeah. I love watching videos about filibusters and stock crashes and reading lectures. Like, yes. Like totally amazing.

*tries to cough out this accent*


Anyway. This week we were dumped with five questions to answer. So let’s get started or whatever.

1) Have you watched The Daily Show before? What do you think of Jon Stewart? What ONE word would you use to describe him. Why did you use that word?


*clears throat*

Excuse my outburst, got a little excited there. I love The Daily Show, man. Trevor Noah is so cool and hot and funny. Oh, wait. You’re talking about the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? Oh, yeah. That old white guy was cool too, I guess.

If I were to describe Jon Stewart in one word, I wouldn’t. Because I hate questions like this. Meg boring. But I guess if you really want me to, I’d say he is a very perceptive guy. Why? His job required him to be that way. Stewart was great at speaking up about mainstream media networks and their nonsense. A satirist has to be perceptive in order to satire. Media eyes like a hawk! During his showrun, Stewart had a great eye for the hypocrisy and ludicrousness inherent in global politics. How’s that for an SAT vocab sentence? Booyah! *fist pumps self*

(Fun fact, Booyah is actually a Belgian soup that’s sold in the Midwest. Who knew?)

2)  Jon Stewart has been called a journalist and/or a comedian, which do you think he is? Why?

What did that Old El Paso taco girl say on that commercial? “Why don’t we have both?” I’d venture to say that comedians and journalists have a lot in common. They look for things in the world that deserved to be discussed, they present said things in whatever manner they please, and they make audiences react to them. Simple premise. Modern day jester, man. I’ll go more into this concept in the next answer:

3) Do the segments/stories below follow the rules discussed in the book? How so? Give examples – use the book and the videos.

Yeah, sure. Next question.

Ugh, okay fine. If I REALLY have to read it.

Listen, the protagonist in this book is a weird one. I mean, he’s literally just “the Protagonist”. Like, what’s up with his name? Is this supposed to be satirical? I must be missing the joke. Also, what’s up with him and the French Press? It’s not that good dude, calm down. Not to mention that oblivious Dutch dude who thinks everything is “remarkable”. Who hasn’t seen Daily Show before?!?! Noob. Anyway, Stewart and Protag of Satire’s Brew have a lot in common, and by a lot in common I mean Protag is obsessed. Stewart is like his personal Jesus (*cue Depeche Mode interlude*).  I do think Protag brings up some good points about Stewart’s place in the media as a sort of modern jester. “Every generation has their satirist or jester and their fight against those in power coincides not just with the time, but technology would play a role, too.” Remarkable.

4) Was Stewart being unfair or too harsh to CNBC and Jim Cramer? Marco Rubio?

As a longtime watcher of The Daily Show, I have never know Jon Stewart to be wildly unfair in his criticisms. The guy is like ultra objective. And here, well Jim Cramer is clearly kind of wrong as he vehemently supported Bear Stearns (before and after its crash) despite his “intuition”. In Cramer We Trust, right? I mean, to be fair, even if Stewart is being a bit petty, he is so on-point with his “turd-mining” that Cramer just looks like a buffoon. And it’s not like Stewart was so anti-Cramer that he discredited totally any retorts the guy might have. When he had him on his show for a “televised two-part hate-fuck”, the interview was actually very cordial. Stewart explains that Rick Santelli was the springboard for his original criticism considering that this guy was pissed at people who lost their homes rather than the banks themselves that caused foreclosures. Not cool, man.

As for Marco Rubio, well. It’s Marco Rubio. Nah, but seriously Stewart was very professional here as well. Actually, Stewart seems to get along with the guy. Stewart very rightly pointed out the hypocrisy and often ignorant rhetoric in special interest issues like gay marriage and immigration. I like how Stewart casually mentions the accountability of politicians in the Republican conference, how their mindset is very much like “Well, those guys (Democrats) are bad too!”

5) What are your reactions to the videos/segments. Expand on your own if you need to.

I liked the segments because I like John Stewart. Even though he’s no Trevor Noah. I mean, look at those dimples. It’s not fair!!! Stewart is really humorous and sardonic, and he makes the news interesting. I would never feel comfortable or entertained watching a regular late-night show that covered the news, but The Daily Show makes it really interesting by pointing out the humor in everyday political occurrences. It is bittersweet, though, that the reason the show is so funny is how horrible the world is. As our good ol’ pal Protag said in Satire’s Brew: “As long as there are those who oppose a system that is corrupt, flawed, or inherently unjust, satire will not survive, it’ll thrive.” But if having a meg horrible world is the only way I get to have Trevor Noah, well, maybe having a horrible world isn’t so horrible after all.

*Had to edit the title as I realized I put the wrong week number. Also, since I’m here, a retrospective blogger note: much of the like meg Seventeen magazine lexicon used in this blog is heavily inspired by the slang in the dystopian-cyperpunk-YA sci-fi novel ‘Feed’ by M.T. Anderson. Just so you know that I’m not completely out of my mind.*


One thought on “Blogpost #2 (Week 2) All About That Daily Show (No Trevor)

  1. Hey Isaiah! Another engaging blog post that shows off your personality. Nice work.You answered all of the questions and gave clear opinions. The only thing is I would of liked you to make more of connection between your views of Stewart and the videos/Satire’s Brew. You started to but I would loved to see more. Otherwise, I liked the post. You continue to write clearly and show personalty.


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